Top 5 benefits of Curd

Curd is an excellent food with lots of Nutrients, Daily consumption of Curd controls(vaata, pita, kafa) keeps these 3 things maintained in the body.

In India, food without curd is not a food at all. After having Lunch & dinner curd has to be consumed, this has been the tradition in India from few centuries. Consumption of Curd has many health benefits.

Daily consumption of 250ml of curd keeps human beings healthy.

  1. Curd reduces the bad cholesterol & keeps the heart healthy, this has been proven by scientific research. As per research done on tribals in South africa, they had no issues related to Cholesterol in blood, blood count was also good, because of curd consumption, daily, most of the tribals were living 100+ years, as per research.
  2. Curd has essential calcium, vitamin d, protin gut bacteria, which helps in digestion & keeps the stomach healthy.
  3. Curd has lot of digestive enzymes, which aids in digestion process.
  4. Curd derived from animal milk helps in constipation & its a great medicine for people who are suffering from constipational issues.
  5. When curd is consumed as a lassi or butter milk, it reduces the heat of stomach & also helps to people who are suffering from loose motion.

There are many benefits of Curd in ayurveda, Daily consumption of curd relieves humans from many diseases.



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