Natural ways to build immune system

How to build immune system naturally?

In today’s world, everybody needs to have good health. To be healthy everybody needs to have good immune system. proper healthy diet & disciplined life helps to improve the immune system & helps to fight many infectious viruses & bacteria. Natural foods which are available should be taken & junk food should be avoided. In day to day life we should consume more & more sprouted seeds & nuts.

9 Points to improve immune system naturally

  1. Consume more Vitamin c rich foods, fruits which contain Vitamin c are Kiwi fruit, Amla, Guava, lemon, papaya, Pineapple. etc
  2. Daily consumption of Green tea(contains cartinine) Ginger, garlic in our daily food, many nutrients in these foods will help us to fight bacteria & viruses in turn will imrove the immune system.
  3. Drink kamakasturi seed mixed water along with honey & lime juice, it helps to build immune system.
  4. Black pepper powder when consumed along with amla juice & ginger in an empty stomach helps in building the immune system.
  5. Cut cabbage & carrot into small pieces and add salt to it, keep it an air tight container for 7 days, consume two spoons daily, this helps to improve good bacteria which also fights bad bacteria in our body.
  6. Practice 15 days once fasting, yoga & pranayama for daily benefits.
  7. taking sun bath daily once (30 mins in the morning & 30 mins in the evening) will improve the immune system.
  8. Jalneti, enima & vardanti should be done once in 15 days, this will help us to remove the unwanted toxic things from our body.
  9. Jestha madhu soup when consumed with honey should be taken once in a day. green tea should be taken twice daily. This helps us in fighting many diseases, it keeps our body healthy.

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