Healthy capsicum for all

Capsicum (Dodda menasinakayi in kannada) is a common vegetable available in all countries, This USA plant is now available in all countries, It has invaded most of the kitchens. This is available in many variants.

Capsicum is being used as sambhar material & also this is being used as medicine, In the initial days, due to its medicinal benefits, it was used as medicine. This comes in Green, yellow & Red colour.

Benefits of Capsicum.

  1. As per the research conducted by Indian instituto of science & chemical technology, Capsicum controls Diabetes, its an excellent remedy for Diabetes(sugar). This is proven by the expert research.
  2. Lycopine present in Red Capsicum helps in improving Heart health.
  3. Capsicum contains vitamin C, vitamin a, fiber, caretonoid, which helps in fighting many ailments.
  4. Capsicum contains lycopene caretonoid, which prevents stomach ulcers, prostate cancer & other stomach related ailments. when consumed regularly capsicum helps in fighting cancer.
  5. Capsicum helps in faster digestion & helps in constipation.
  6. Capsicum helps in weight loss, capsicum juice keeps skin glowing.
  7. When capsicum combined with carrot and consumed as juice improves the glow of face & fights skin diseases.
  8. Capsicum juice when applied on face removes black marks on face.

These are very few benefits of capsicum, when it is consumed regularly, it has lot of medicinal properties, which helps in fighting the day to day ailments.



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