ginger for medicinal use
Ginger natural healer from nature

India is the largest producer of ginger in the world, ginger the common household item used in our kitchen has numerous health benefits. Ginger is available in multiple forms & it is available throughout the year, this can be used in raw form, dry form & also in powder form. ginger is used in preparing food & also in preparation of medicine. let us see some of the benefits of Ginger. lets know the lesser known benefits of ginger.

Lesser known benefits of ginger.

  1. People suffering from muscle pull should take 2gms of ginger for 12 days, this will help in reducing the muscle pull pain.
  2. If you are suffering from indigestion then consume a small piece of ginger before food along with rock salt, indigestion will be cured, this should be consumed for atleast 2 to 3 days.
  3. Raw ginger juice when consumed in water along with honey & lemon juice, it controls bloating & indigestion.
  4. Raw ginger when crushed and applied on head & person sleeps for few minutes person will sweat & headache is gone.
  5. Everyday when ginger is consumed after food, it helps in curing indigestion & constipation.
  6. Raw ginger when given with honey to kids cures many ailments related to stomach, this is a wonderful natural medicine.
  7. Dry Ginger should be roasted on fire, this has to be powdered & add little rock salt. this powder can be used as a paste for toothache, it works wonder.
  8. Little piece of raw ginger, half teaspoon cumin, rocksugar(kallusakkare in kannada) when consumed together improves the taste & enhances tasting ability.
  9. Pregnant ladies can consume upto 2.5gms of ginger not more than that.
  10. each human being should not consume more than 5gms, consumption of ginger more than 5gms can cause side effects, its better to have ginger in limited quantity.

Ginger has many health benefits when consumed in limited quantity, this can be used in many food items, Daily consumption as numerous benefits.

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