garlic natural remedy for corona

Garlic(beluli in kannada) has many benefits

Indians have been using many spices & vegetables in sambhar, which has many health benefits. If we observe our ancestors eating habits. We will get to know, how they were leading the healthy lifestyle. Garlic is also one of the regular ingredient daily used in sambar products of Indian household. garlic belongs to onion roots, its scientific name is Alium satium. Garlic is being used in Asia from more than 7000 years, China produces more garlic than any other country in the world, in India garlic is grown in madhya pradesh, Gujarat, uttar pradesh, Maharastra, kerala, Tamilnadu, karnataka.

Garlic the regular kitchen item which is being used in India, is used for Aroma, special essence, it is also used as a household treatment & also in ayurvedic treatment, garlic has many essential minerals & nutrients like Vitamin c, b, a. few health benefits of Garlic are

  1. Garlic as anti oxidants which fights cancerous cells.
  2. Garlic is being used in many medicines for treatment of heart diseases, Blood pressure, Leprosy & cancer.
  3. Garlic is anti-bacterial & anti fungal, it reduces bad cholestrol.
  4. Raw garlic when eaten 2 to 3 cloves, will help in treating ulcers.
  5. Garlic has strong essence when consumed raw, helps in purifying the blood.
  6. For indigestion & small stomach ailments garlic is a readymade medicine.
  7. Garlic when consumed in milk helps in improving immune system.

Garlic is naturally available & is an affordable medicine for all. when taken in certain limited amount it fights many ailments. garlic should not be consumed more than 3 to 4 cloves in a day. It should not be used as an alternative medicine as well.

Garlic for home remedies

  1. Crush the garlic, crushed garlic juice can be applied for skin diseases(ringworms) & also in between the leg fingers to fight fungus. After application allow it to dry for an hour & then wash it with cold water.
  2. Crush few garlic cloves & then make a paste out of the garlic, when this used as toothpaste for few days. This helps in reducing tooth ache.
  3. Boil Garlic in water, in the garlic water wash the wounds, this will heal the wounds faster.
  4. Mix butter along with garlic smash & apply it on the wounds, this will heal the wound, scientifically proven.
  5. 2 garlic cloves, when consumed daily will help in digestion & also controls high blood pressure. It also increases the digestion process & controls bloating, increases the hunger.
  6. By keeping 1 garlic clove in mouth, prevents respiratory disease, it also strengthens immune system of the body.
  7. By eating 1 garlic glove in empty stomach, bad cholestrol gets controlled & helps heart functioning.
  8. garlic when eaten raw has more health benefits than consuming it boiled.
  9. Garlic consumption helps in blood purification, it also keeps stomach free from intestinal problems.
  10. Raw garlic contains alicin material, which when consumed controls the sugar level(diabetes)
  11. Raw garlic also helps in fighting depression.



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